THG Nederland | Interior for hotel rooms, luxury bathroom faucets

For years, Designed Sanitair is the official representative for THG Paris in the Netherlands. As THG Nederland we are working together with a group of dealers. You will find the luxury faucets from THG Paris in bathrooms within houses, hotel rooms and suites and luxury yachts. THG Paris is known for its extensive collection, including the Waterworks collection, of styles and designs; from baroque to classic and from nostalgic to prestigious and modern. The luxury faucets are made of brass, sometimes in combination with crystal or porcelain knobs. The faucets are suitable for wash basins, showers and baths.

The diversity of THG

Ed Arnst about his choice for THG Paris: “I have not seen any other producer with the same range of different options as THG. Because of their partnerships with many respected designers, there is a wide range of styles in top quality products, finishings and accessories. The exclusivity of the products suits special projects like yachts or hotels very well”.

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